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1 Inch Manilla Rope

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The Bed Swing

Manila rope is an old favorite if you are going for the natural, rustic vibe. It is made from natural plant fibers and has that distinct look and feel. Manila rope does well in dry climates but is adversely affected by moisture and humidity. It can shrink when it gets wet and stretch when it dries back out, it can mold when exposed to high humidity for extended periods, and it can shed fibers and leave splinters. For all practical purposes, we recommend using synthetic rope to avoid the disadvantages of natural rope, but if you just love that old-school look, there is no substitute.

We take into account a standard hanging height from the floor and we will include 4 pieces of rope, one for each corner of the bed, with enough extra length of rope to tie knots at the ceiling and at the bed. If your ceiling height falls within our height options it is best to select the next, higher ceiling height.

If you prefer not to have your rope cut please let us know. For example, if you have varying ceiling heights because your ceiling is vaulted we can include one long rope. You will need to inform us of this in the notes and to calculate how much rope you need you will need to find each ceiling height above each corner where the bed will be and get an average ceiling height. The rope cuts easily with a razor or a PVC/pipe-cutting tool.

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