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There is no brand better known for their premium outdoor fabrics than Sunbrella. When Glen Raven, Sunbrella's parent company, presented us with the opportunity to not only be featured in — but also chosen for the cover of — their Raven Magazine, we were honored to oblige. Read on to see The Bed Swing's feature.

"There’s no better setting to take a breather than in your own outdoor bed swing. In the Lowcountry of South Carolina, Martin Shuler, owner of The Bed Swing, offers homeowners the perfect combination of style and relaxation."

"Growing up on a dairy farm in South Carolina, Shuler would often help build barns and fences. While those experiences allowed him to gain firsthand craftsmanship experience, his true passion for furniture design stemmed from bed swings he saw on a vacation in the Caribbean.

“I remember going on vacations in the Caribbean and seeing bed swings,” Shuler said. “When I saw them, I thought, ‘I could make that.’ So, I started creating and experimenting with my own designs for friends and family and later developed my business.”"

After Shuler and his customers discuss size, style and color scheme, construction starts with quality wood. “We use a lot of cedar and pine,” he said. “The pine has to be treated and kiln dried to sustain the elements, although cedar has a more natural tendency to resist pests and the elements.”

“We select the best quality from whatever species we use,” he continued. “And we do our best to use wood that is dried properly with low moisture content so it is more stable when it is a finished product and hung on porches.”

Shuler says he enjoys crafting custom bed swings because of the relationship he develops with customers. To bring their vision to life, he draws inspiration from their personal tastes and design goals.

“I love talking to customers and helping them get the look and feel to get their backyard sanctuary exactly like they want it,” Shuler said.

“With our designs, I’ve tried to mimic the quality standards that Sunbrella has and infuse them into my business.”

In a competitive market, Shuler credits not only his company’s creative designs but also his team's meticulous attentition to detail as standout qualities. In looks that range from clean and modern to charming and rustic, the company bridges the outside world with a home’s interior.