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How to Hang a Bed Swing

1. Place bed in the approximate position and allow for at least 18” clearance on all sides.

2. Determine the joist placements that are the closest to the attachment points on the bed. (Keep in mind the attachment points usually differ by a few inches from the outer frame of the bed.

3. Always err to installing the hooks wider on the ceiling to the next joist than having a more narrow attachment measurement at the ceiling. This is to keep the rope and knot away from the bed so the rope does not rub against it. If there is not a possibility for the rope to rub against the bed it is then at your discretion and a personal preference as to how it looks.

4. Mark the ceiling spots to be drilled.

5. Remove the bed from the area.

6. Drill a pilot hole and attach the appropriate hooks or brackets into the joist securely.

7. If the hooks at the ceiling do not allow the rope to pass through the hole easily we recommend using ½” galvanized shackles. Attach them to the hooks in the ceiling and then tie each of the 4 ropes to each shackle. We use a bowline knot at the top but you can use your preference of knot type.

8. Replace the bed to the area. We use 5 gallon buckets on each end of the bed plus either two or three 2 x 4 boards stacked on top of the other that span the width of the buckets. Properly and evenly space each attachment point on the bed to its dedicated attachment point at the ceiling. If you do not get each attachment point evenly spaced to the dedicated attachment point above the bed it will shift (once you remove the buckets ) toward the side that has a greater distance and becomes lower, possibly making the swing un-level.

9. It is important to tie all ropes as tight and evenly as you can. Do not allow sag in the rope. Each rope should be decently taught or if one or more looks like they are looser the bed swing may be uneven when you remove the buckets.

10. Press down on each corner of the bed swing using all your weight. The knots will tighten and the bed will lower. This is why we recommend using the 5 gallon buckets plus the extra height of the 2x4's stacked on top of the buckets.