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Synthetic Rope

  1. Durability: Synthetic ropes are known for their exceptional durability. They
    are resistant to weathering, UV rays, and moisture, making them ideal for
    outdoor use. This longevity translates to a lower cost of replacement over
  2. Predictable: Synthetic ropes offer consistency in terms of strength and
    performance. They have a well-defined breaking strength and are less prone
    to variations caused by environmental factors.
  3. Low Stretch: Synthetic ropes have minimal stretch, ensuring that your
    hanging bed swings remain more stable and at the desired height over time.
    This feature is particularly valuable for maintaining user comfort and less
    hassle with readjusting rope height.
  4. Softness: Synthetic ropes are generally softer to the touch than natural
    manila rope, providing a comfortable and inviting surface for your customers
    to enjoy.

  1. Cost: Synthetic ropes are often more expensive upfront compared to natural
    manila rope. However, their longer lifespan can offset this initial cost.
  2. Appearance: Some customers prefer the traditional and rustic appearance of natural manila rope, however our 8 Strand Rope is our preferred choice in appearance.

Natural Manila Rope

  1. Aesthetic Appeal: Natural manila rope has a classic, timeless look that adds
    charm to your hanging bed swings. It blends well with outdoor settings and
    can enhance the overall aesthetic of your products.

  1. Inconsistency: Natural manila rope is subject to variations in quality due to
    its organic nature. Its weathering and longevity depend greatly on the specific environmental conditions it is exposed to, making it less predictable.
  2. Stretch: Manila rope tends to stretch over time, which can result in the need
    for frequent readjustment of hanging bed swings to maintain the desired
  3. Splinter Fibers: Manila rope may develop splinter fibers over time, potentially
    causing discomfort or injury to users.
  4. Mold Growth: It is much easier for mold to develop on the rope in wet
 Criteria Synthetic Rope Natural Manila Rope
Durability Lasts longer, resistant to
Subject to weathering
Predictability Consistent strength and
Inconsistent due to environment
Stretch Minimal stretch Prone to stretching
Softness Soft to the touch Can have splinters
Cost Higher upfront cost, lower long-
term replacement cost
Lower upfront cost, higher long-
term replacement cost
Modern appearance Classic, rustic look
Splinter Fibers None Very possible

The Winner: Synthetic Rope

After carefully considering the advantages and disadvantages of both synthetic rope and natural manila rope for hanging bed swings, it becomes evident that synthetic rope emerges as the winner in terms of durability, predictability, low stretch, and user comfort. While natural manila rope has its appeal with its classic look synthetic rope offers a longer lasting and more reliable solution, making it the preferred choice for hanging bed swings. Synthetic rope usually requires minimal maintenance and less adjustments over time.